I’ve been zwifting for about a year and pay monthly. I’ve just achieved level 25 and I have 2 issues.

  1. My miles are no longer being recorded (in that the blue line isn’t being filled from left to right like in all of the other levels before.

  2. Despite paying monthly last night I got a message to say I had 25km of my trial left and it booted me once they were up. I want to be able to ride next time I login but am having doubts because it looks like it expects me to join. Should I cancel my subscription and re-join? Anyone else had this issue?



  1. You are still gaining XP (I have been stuck at 25 for over 8 months and there are some that have been stuck MUCH longer)

  2. I would suggest submitting a ticket on that issue or try logging on before you ride to see if the issue is still occurring. Ticket link:

Level 25 is currently the ‘top of the tree’.