My 6 grievances with the Elite Aleno Smart B+

This list may not be as extensive as Martin Luther’s 99 theses with the Roman Church but it is quite a lot

  1. The resistance knob is impossible to put on

  2. Then it fell off

  3. My trainer rocks from side to side

  4. It gives low very power readings

  5. It gives quick power drops

  6. It gives long power drops


May I have assistance with any of these problems. And thank you for reading this.

What hardware set up are you using, phone/tablet/Mac/PC?

Mac early 2015

Probably 6 reasons why you should buy a direct drive trainer.

@Mr. Alpaca KISS D 

Limited options <sigh>

If the sensor drop-outs are causing Zwift to be unusable…

As far as I can make-out, the Aleno estimates a lot of the usual data while using a manual resistance set up. I would change the power Aleno estimates and sends to Zwift via Bluetooth, with a separate ANT+ set up, basically using the trainer as a ‘classic’, allowing Zwift to do the power estimation (zPower) but giving Zwift actual cadence and heart-rate data…

The only caveat I can envisage may be the Zwift power-curve for the trainer, I’m not sure if there is a specific component to choose from.

Get you an ANT+ dongle for the Mac along with ANT+ speed/cadence/heart-rate sensors.

When not using Zwift the original Bluetooth component within the trainer can be used.

The ANT+ set up can be transferred to another computer and trainer should you decide to update in the future.

Unfortunately the trainer is going to move around due to its weight, that is, lack of it.

Not much help, I know :frowning:

Ride On!

i dont trust elite trainers. the one i bought (returned) was light unstable loud made squeaking noise. and it was impossible to calibrate. now im using a classic fluid trainer its solid and works well. 

@Vince Kim - My experience couldn’t be further from yours. I had a CycleOps fluid trainer for almost a decade and a half (the last year of which I used it exclusively with Zwift, logging a couple thousand miles in-game). It was noisy, zPower curve was horribly inaccurate, there was nothing to calibrate, hitting power targets during intervals hinged on having the right jumps between cogs and/or tweaking cadence (which made some workouts like the GCN series impossible, when cadence is ‘prescribed’ along w/ power), and out-of-the-saddle things felt anything but ‘stable’. And then it started weeping fluid after every workout… 

I bought a Direto earlier this year, and it’s night & day in every way.  Rock-solid, accurate, quiet (in my garage on a concrete slab). In my bathroom on a tile floor was a different story, but only because the space was large and echo-y, so the drone at high resistance seemed louder.  Calibration takes about 30 seconds using the Elite app on my phone and, as far as I can tell, it doesn’t matter if you calibrate it daily or monthly.  There’s been zero change in the offset value reported by the app after spindown since I bought the trainer despite having moved it around and gone from warm environs to cold. 

I love it and would recommend it to anyone looking for a direct-drive trainer.