Inaccurate Power Outputs - Set Up Help

I have recently purchased a new turbo trainer and decided to give Zwift a go, you know for those horrible winter evenings. (Smart or Stupid idea, i am not sure) 

I set up the Trainer which is an Elite Aleno Smart Trainer (link below) and i just cannot seem to get the set up correct in terms of power readings. I am not sure if need to pair it as a Power or Speed sensor.

If i choose the power option and pair the trainer i do get semi accurate readings (reading a lot lower) but then if i go for the Classic trainer + speed sensor option, i turn the pedals once and get a power reading of 800W,

Does anyone know which one would be the correct option for this kind of trainer? Or any other advice in setting it up and calibrating. FYI, the ANT+ dongle is on the floor next too the trainer. 

I have never used an Elite trainer before and for anyone who has they will surely understand my pain when i say that the instructions are utterly useless. 

Thanks in advance and Ride On!


Welcome to Zwift, 

The fun with Elite trainers, they have so may different models. I could not even find your model on their website :( 

But looking at the link you attached it look like it is broadcasting a power and speed number via Ant+ and Blue Tooth. That tell me that you should pair it as a power source. now my assumption is that the trainer has a power curve and it knows at what resistance level you have set the trainer.

If it were me I would download the Elite software and see what power readings I get on the software. 


You said the power seem low, did you compare it to some other device?


Best of luck.


Thank you for the reply. Yeah, for some reason this model has been really difficult to find anywhere, i just happened to come across it when i was searching for a new smart training and the specs/price seemed worth a try, 

Excellent, assumed it would be the power option and i have tried to calibrate the trainer already to the 8 resistance gears. Would you suggest, choosing a bike gear that is comfortable and change the resistance using the trainer. Would that help with the accuracy?

I shall give it 10 minutes using their application and then 10 minutes using zwift, while keeping every thing the same and see how it matches it. 

Well, I have a lot of experience using watt bikes which are extremely valid to about 2% and the intenesity i was working at didn’t feel to match what was showing up on Zwift. 




Everything seems to be set up perfectly now. Finally got around to my first real ride and all i can say is it is extremely addictive, nothing beats a spontaneous sprint and getting very competitive. 

Cheers for the advice Gerrie, might see you on a KISS group ride at some point. 

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Awesome,  Looking forward to see you on the “road”



So… How did you did it?


Please start a new thread with the issue you are having and you will get better assistance.