MTSKIT jersey code

Anyone using this MTSKIT jersey

Can you please copy and paste that <jersey>************</jersey> code for me from prefs.xml file?


Hit “P” and type in MTSKIT and you will get the jersey.

If you have AppleTV or an iOS device you can do it from another computer and the jersey will unlock across all devices.

Those jersey codes from zwift insider are not working anymore, so that´s why i am asking. 

I just unlocked a couple jerseys using the coded posted on ZwiftInsider without issue.

I just setup my avaitar to use the MTSKIT and here is the code in the prefs.xml: <jersey>814156923</jersey>


Thanks man.

I dont know why, but many of those codes not working for me. some of those yes but many no. Maybe a bug or something…