Elite Jersey

(Delta) #1

Apologies if in the wrong place. Im new to zwift only 150 miles in so still learning. Ive seen the code goelite to get the elite jersey but this wont work whereas gogcn did work. Ive seen people saying pair your elite trainer and you get it but I didnt. Im running an elite direto via the ios iphone app.


(..Troy) #2

Hi Delta,
you have to press the “P” key first on your keyboard
then type “GOELITE” in capitals followed by enter.

If you have done this please ignore this reply.
Hope this is of help though.

Ride On

(Delta) #3

Hi Troy.

Thanks but not sure how I can do that off an iphone? I have the companion app on my android phone if i can do it on there?

Thanks for the help.

(Paul Allen (Watopia Wayfinder)) #4

If possible, install Zwift on a PC or Mac and when Zwift loads press “P” on the keyboard and enter the code.

I am guessing you are using this link for the code, which works for some codes, but not all: https://my.zwift.com/billing/promotions

(Delta) #5

Hi Paul.

Yup using that link, cant do that unfortunately. Strange that the gcn works but not elite through the promotions link. Thanks both for your help