Mt Everest - count previous elevation

It seems crazy that once you discover and sign up to the Mount Everest Challenge your previously gained elevation doesn’t count towards it. Very de-motivating. Come on Zwift - you want to keep us motivated (and therefore paying) don’t you??

Hey Sarah,

I get the sentiment. I started doing the Everest challenge after I had already done Italy and California. But by the same argument, you could say that your kilometres should count towards those too, so I don’t agree with the idea, but I think we could do more to say “hey, check out these challenges!”.


I agree with James.

Hello and welcome to the forum, Sarah!

I can feel your pain, I think almost everyone went through this. You´re right, it is frustrating at first (as it was for me). But I bet you´ll soon be over it and be more motivated to collect your vertical meters than before. Now you know what you´re working for - and can look forward to it. And you´ll be rightly proud of yourself once you can finally hop on your Tron bike!

And it´s part of what makes Zwift interesting in the long term - there´s so much to learn and find out. I´d recommend checking zwiftinsider regularly - it has tons of great tips!