More bugs with Zwift today

(Stuart Davis) #1

I’d like to request the ability to include an oxygen tank for when riding through the new tunnel section.

Today I was riding through there, minding my own business, when suddenly I veered off, through the tunnel wall and into the murky depths. I zigged, then zagged, then zigged again. All very fishy.

I managed to take a snapshotof me about to float through some concrete before I thankfully returned to the safety of the tunnel.

fortunately the tunnel didn’t flood.

(Wynand Viljoen (B1 Evo)) #2

I had a similar experience during the ZSS ride today. Went off course CX style for about 15 seconds then rejoined about 30 seconds behind the group.

(Stuart Davis) #3

Yes I forgot to mention, I was riding in a group and, like you, after my brief swim I was suddenly 30 seconds behind.