First ride after update; some issues encountered

Updated to today’s build and went for a ride. Things weren’t nearly as smooth as my ride from two days ago:

  1. The video for the entire session was very jerky; a slight pause every second. I did not notice this with the prior build.
  2. As others have mentioned, the sprint point timers didn’t seem to work reliably. After my first pass through the KOM arch, the timer kept running for an entire lap until I reached the KOM point again on the next lap. The the timer reset and kept counting for another full lap. It did this a few times.
  3. Lap counter didn’t work reliably. My first 5 laps around the course didn’t seem to count and even though I rode 36 kms, I only received credit for 2 completed laps.
  4. The speed reported by Zwift didn’t seem to have any real relationship to the actual speed that I was riding (I’m using a Computrainer; since Zwift gets to control the resistance on it, I would expect the speed reported by Zwift to be the same speed being reported by the Computrainer. But often it was off by over 15 km/h. In addition, if I stopped, it would take Zwift a good 5-7 seconds to bring my avatar to a halt after my wheel had completely stopped spinning in real life.

I will file a ticket and upload my logs if that helps.

  1. Any downhill will give you virtual speed- much faster than you can spin the computrainer without an all out sprint. I think this is done to equalize live riders using different equipment.