Crashed on ride today the sprint timing a mess

(anon18154799) #1

Today, I got on for a little spin around as a recovery tool prior to my marathon this weekend. Everything was going great, had a couple of head-to-head battles with Lonnie, and then Zwift crashed on me. I restarted, and it seemed ok. When I hit the green jersey point, though, time kept running. It seemed to work ok for the KOM and the finish sprint. As I pedal now, having already passed the KOM, my running green jersey time is 320 seconds and counting. I will submit a ticket and upload the logs.

Other than that, today was great, no hole in the climb and no lag. I also love the Thanksgiving nod and that you removed the building from the road. That was dangerous after the sprint. Lastly, I was able to ride smoothly on view 1 today. In the past I had to be on view 9 to deal with slow fps rates. That allowed me to view going through the tree. Awesome!


(anon18154799) #2

On the second lap, the KOM timer did the same as the sprint timer on the first lap. Also, my lap counter was not working on this iteration. I do love that you can see others’ w/kg. it makes it easier to link up.

(Jason K) #3

Thanks for sending us your log files! I’ll pass them on to the programmers, and we’ll see if we can figure out what’s going on. =)

(jim fernandes) #4

the program has crashed everytime i’ve used it