Timer in KOM not finishing

(Jeff Abbott) #1

I have a support ticket open, but figured I would ask here too in case others are having a similar problem.
When I start the Col de Zwift, the timer starts, but it never finishes. Once I pass the peak, it keeps going. Some laps it restarts at Zero but still never finishes. Other laps, it just keeps going on and on. Then I think related to this, my laps are not counting either.
It used to work fine, then on Thursday after an update, it started with this erratic behavior.
Anyone else out there having the issue too?

(Johnny RCCSFC (D)) #2

yes KOM does that and the Green one on the latest update as well.

(Dieter Neirinck - KISS-C) #3

I had the same behaviour today for the green jersey sprint. Only went wrong in one lap out of six though.