More Apple TV4K woes.

OK I understand ATV4k has only 2 channels, and I need to connect my BLE HRM and RPM through my phone.

What is sequence of handshakes with BLE.

Tried, ATV4k turned off, pair BLE peripherals to phone, (BLE on) then turn on ATV4k, but it does’t recognise the phone. Should there be some banner/sub-screen asking me to pair with the phone. It’s only an Apple iphone5 (perhaps I need and newer version os iOS only running on iP6, or greater).

Somethings very confused.

Also my KickR only works in ‘non-dumb (resistance) mode’  if phone is set to airplane mode ie BLE off.

The only thing I can suppose, is that perhaps the ATV4k has paired with something else.

Any help greatly appreciated. PS I need spoon fed, cos I’m old and new speak illiterate. Many thanks 

I am in exactly the same boat. Apple 4k tv, iphone 5s etc…My Wahoo Kickr Snap and Wahoo speed/candence sensor take up the Bluetooth of the Apple Tv (I guess?), and I have no idea how to pair my Wahoo Tickr HR monitor to just my phone, with Zwift mobile link running. The HR monitor just doesn’t show up at all, and also seems to keep interfering with the Apple Tv’s connections. I almost threw all of it out in the driveway last night lol. Sorry I can’t help, but maybe we’ll get the reply we need. I really want my race results on Zwift to start counting. 

I’ve only started using the Zwift app for pairing an extra Bluetooth device recently. 

It can be a wee bit of a pain but, to date, has (eventually) worked every time by doing the following…

  1. Log in to Zwift, on your AppleTV, as normal

  2. Open Zwift Mobile Link on your phone/tablet (with Bluetooth switched on of course), Ensure the screen has turned to the blue background, indicating it knows you are logged into Zwift. If that hasn’t happened, you may need to refresh the app or close it and open it again until it works properly

3. Connect to the two primary devices (whatever you deem to be the most important two) via your AppleTV as normal

  1. Attempt to add a third device using your AppleTV. At this point you ‘should’ get a message saying you’ve run out of connections on your AppleTV and asking if you want to use Zwift Mobile Link to add more devices. Select the option to say you wish to do this 

  2. You ‘should’ now be able to pair with additional Bluetooth devices using the menu on your AppleTV (not using the app on your phone/tablet)

  3. Hopefully be able to ride with everything working and enjoy yourself

As I say, that works for me using a Quarq power meter (for power and cadence), Elite rollers (controllable device) and a Berry King (nope, I’d never heard of them before either) heart rate strap. 

I’ve only connected this way for the past few days of Zwifting but, to this point, it has been almost 100% reliable; Certainly a lot better (in my personal experience) than when I was using a 4iiii Viiiiva. 

I should probably point out also, I’m using a cheap Android phone (a Wileyfox Swift). It may be a somewhat different process for iPhones etc. 

Fingers crossed - I hope that’s of some help to you. Please let me know if it has been and don’t call me bad names if it isn’t.

Kit has the correct order.

To connect via ZML, Zwift and ZML need to be connected first (both devices on the same network) and your BLE sensors need to be unpaired from any other devices. You do not pair directly with your phone; ZML will automatically detect the unpaired sensors and connect with them through Zwift.

Worked like a charm, thank you!!! The only thing that didn’t work was my legs :slight_smile:

Seems like the ORDER of operations is most important here. Hopefully I continue to have success. Also, restarting AppleTV seems to help quickly if something like the kickr snap won’t pair right away.


Everything as per your instructions Kit, but at stage 4 I don’t get Z telling me I’ve run out of connections. Just get ‘searching’. So I’ve got KickR and cadence but no HRM.

Is there some setting in the spanner thingy on the start up screen? 


Glad to help Todd. It’s nice to feel useful for once. I’ll enjoy the warm glow while it lasts. 

Hugh , I take it you’ve got the Bluetooth switched ‘on’ on your phone/tablet and both it and your AppleTV are on the same WiFi network? I’m pretty confident you do so that, in my experience, should work. Unfortunately ‘should’ and ‘does’ aren’t the same thing. 

It’s not an ideal solution but I’ve found sometimes switching the whole lot off and back on again (or ‘rebooting’ as young people seem to call it) can force it into action. I would guess you’ve probably done this a few times too.

About the only other ‘checklist thing’ is that Zwift Mobile Link has definitely connected to the game (has the blue background, map screen etc). I find, for me, it’ll sometimes connect then lose connection without my realising until I proactively try to use it again. 

Sorry I can’t offer anything useful - ‘make sure all the software is updated, check everything is connected as it should be and, if in doubt, turn everything off then back on again_’_ is about all the stumbling bumbling guesswork advice I can offer at present.

With any luck, someone who works for Zwift and knows what s/he’s talking about will now reply and clear things up.  

Hugh - This might not work but…

I was trying to pair up my devices there and couldn’t get Zwift to recognise my Bluetooth heart rate strap. I tried logging in and out a few times with no joy. 

Eventually I decided to check the Bluetooth connections on my phone (a cheap Android phone) and discovered it was connected to my surround sound system*. When I disconnected it, my heart rate strap appeared on the Zwift selection screen immediately. 

It may well not help but it could be worth checking to see if your phone is already connected to some redundant Bluetooth devices. 

Fingers crossed. 

* I don’t need my phone connected to speakers as I’m using a tablet to play music so I don’t have to put up with that annoying ‘volume lowering when a chat message pops up in Zwift’ thing. Please see another of my grumbling threads if you wish to read more on that subject (although I have no idea why you would).

put your phone in airplane mode so it will use wifi only. may be flickering from phone data to wifi. got to have a solid connection! you can turn off those annoying chats also. make sure no other devices are accidentally connecting to your apple 4ktv or your phone, turn off all other household BT devices. I hook kickr and cadence to 4ktv. controller doesnt count its paired with power source somehow. I hook HRM to ZML got to have BT HRM.  won’t work with ant HRM. I can’t dumb it down anymore than that, we say that at work a-lot don’t take it personal. If all else fails take your bike outside and go for a ride and get some fresh air. I have problems with HRM dropping out and no signal sometimes, I then hook HRM to 4ktv seems to work that way all the time. Then my cadence drops out from the phone connection, so I pick wich one I can do with out, the cadence for me. I was spending more time trouble shooting than riding.  I can get my setup going pretty good now, I got two set-ups so when my wife joins me all hell breaks loose with six BT devices, talk about having fun!!    

OP here.

I can’t than all you guys for all your help.

I’m not there yet, but thanks to you I understand it more.

OK I now get ATV4k recognising the HRM and RPM and switching to the phone connection when asked to load 3 connections. But at that point the RPM is lost. I don’t think it’s a Z or ZML problem.

The Wahoo cadence is recognised in the Wahoo app and shows a meaningful output, so it is talking to the phone, but I don’t the the Bluetooth link on the phone. I think herewith the problem.

As I said thanks everybody.

I’ve had a couple of occasions when AppleTV recognised the existence of the 3 devices I want to connect - power crank (for Wattage/cadence), controllable trainer and heart rate strap - yet, when I’ve tried to do the overflow connect via Zwift Mobile Link it hasn’t been able to find the heart rate strap via the app’s Bluetooth. 

When that’s happened all I’ve done is gone back into the AppleTV connection (instead of connecting through the app), disconnected everything from AppleTV (so it has to find it all afresh), exited Zwift totally and started the process over again from new.

More often that not, that’s works for me. Hopefully it’ll work for you. 

This isn’t entirely related but, in order to get AppleTV to recognise my controllable trainer, I have to pick it as a cadence device. It doesn’t show up under controllable trainers. Once I pick it as a cadence device, it automatically pairs with it as a controllable trainer. After that has happened, I can then go back into cadence devices and choose my power crank (which is considerably more accurate). 

As I said, that isn’t directly related but it displays how Zwift has some peculiar nuances which we have to work around in order to get it to function fully. I guess the moral of the story is - if you can’t get it to work initially, fiddle about with all the possible settings you can think of and maybe you’ll strike gold. 

Something else I found weird and which is even further off-topic is…

If I connect my heart rate strap via AppleTV it shows a different reference number for the strap than when I connect it through the Zwift app, despite both using Bluetooth. What’s going on there? NB: If you do answer that and it’s something technical, I probably won’t understand, sorry. 

Apologies for not being able to help more/whatsoever  Hugh

I’m trying to eliminate some things here for myself and others. You can download an app called Speedtest and ping your WiFi signal. We just got fiber optic out here in the sticks, I now have 12 mbps upload and download. That’s a test done right beside the router and again downstairs in the basement by the trainers and 4ktv. Does anyone know the minimum requirements to run the zwift software? From what I have been reading slow Internet will cause your avatar to disappear or your screen to freeze I don’t have those issues. I think my problem is mainly with swift mobile link on an iPhone 6. If you have a taker heart rate monitor you can download the wahoo utility app and do a sensor test that will let you know the strength of the Bluetooth and if everything is hooking up flowers or not the Bluetooth has to be 4.0

I can’t see your internet connection being a problem Danny.

Our pathetic broadband rarely gets above 3MB/s (we live in a yokel area of a backward country) and I have almost no problems with it affecting Zwift.

From time to time I’ll get ‘everybody in the grey Zwift kit’ or ‘cycling on my own for a couple of minutes’ but that’s extremely rare and has become rarer over time despite our ‘two yoghurt pots with a bit of string’ internet speeds. 

I’d kill a close family member to get your fibre connection. 



We have the same issue with tickr HRM , running two at the same time when we hook up to apple4k tv we get a different reference # on HRM . I can tell which one is my wifes because of higher heart rate. also top left hand corner on zwift were it says "use bt on apple 4ktv " theres a yellow ! point. I think thats an error in ZML. one last problem to solve, every now and then there is no resistance on one of the smart trianers (kickr17). its like its in ERG mode, still learning what that is. but one trainer doesn’t feel the terrain on the course, you can climb 14% radio tower in big chain ring, we don’t want that. so today I’m going to try and put all this new knowledge together and see if I can find the solutions for these issues. I will keep this thread open to help others. If anyone knows the resistance issues let me know