Correct Pairing Procedure with AppleTV4K?? Help??

I’ve been on Zwift for over a year on PC and it has been flawless. I got an AppleTV4K for Christmas, and have been having trouble with my Kickr Snap resistance on hills. I use powertap pedals for power, the Snap for controllable trainer, and Tickr for heart rate. Is there a proper way to pair everything?? I’ve read some say to pair everything through the Mobil app, which I’ve tried, and I’ve tried just pairing the HRM through the Mobil app and the trainer/powermeter through the ATV itself. No matter which way I pair, when I start riding, more times than not, I have no resistance to the trainer, even though it says it’s paired. I have to stop and unpair and repair sometimes multiple times to get it working. Is it because I’m not pairing it up properly, or is anyone else having this problem?? Also before anyone asks, I always close Zwift on ATV when done, and the App as well. Trainer diffuculty is set to 100%, and there are no other apps running that are connected to my Snap… Is there a link to Zwift’s proper way to pair everything?? Thanks.

Hi Rodney

You may have been the DC route but if you haven’t DC lays out the details much better than I  :slight_smile: 

Hi Paul

Thanks for the reply. I’ve seen DC’s route(I watch all his stuff) his way is to connect 2 sensors to AppleTV, then connect the third through the app. I have had the most luck with this way, but still, sometimes when I start riding I have no resistance and have to stop unpair and repair even thought the trainer says it’s paired from the beggining. Even tried the “everything paired through app” route with same outcome, may have to pair and unpair a couple time to get resistance. It may just be something I have to deal with, I was just curious if I’m the only one with this problem.

Hi Rodney,

Do you have any other cycling apps open at the same time as Zwift? Signals can be hijacked away from Zwift and cause issues that sound similar. Are you also in free ride mode or workout mode? 

For each session, are you exiting completely out of Zwift on the AppleTV? 

Hi Josie,

Thanks for the reply. I always make sure I close all apps on my phone prior to loading Zwift, and I’m always in free ride mode. Sometimes it pairs fine and other times I start riding and notice there isn’t any resistance, so I stop and go to the pairing screen, it says my Kickr Snap is paired, I unpair and repair and continue riding and it starts working. Also after each Zwift session I always double tap the home button and swipe up to close Zwift out. This problem doesn’t happen every time, it’s just intermittent. I was curious, does Zwift recommend pairing all sensors through ZML, or do they recommend using the 2 free openings on the APTV itself and the remainders through the ZML?? Thanks for the help.

Hi Rodney,

I’ve had similar struggles with ATV but lately some better luck or a specific sequence seems to sort things out.  I also have a Kickr Snap, Wahoo cadence sensor and a Polar HRM.

  1. Look at top left corner when starting and see if it says “Use Apple TV instead” or “Mobile App”.  If it says Use ATV instead, select that, otherwise you’re in good shape.

  2. unpair everything, make sure nothing is orange.

  3. Pair Snap

  4. Pair Cadence

  5. Pair HRM -> Choose Mobile App when given option

  6. Start Ride

Only this very specific order seems to work.  If you do anything else I think the ATV and Mobile App get confused about which is connected to Snap and the Snap has to be connected to ATV.

Good luck.