Moofit speed sensor not working when side mounted

Hi wonder if anyone can help, I bought a spin bike and mounted the moofit speed sensor on the flywheel as seen in a you tube video.

Zwift conects fine to the sensor however does not show any RPM, however this does work when mounted to an actual hub.

Seems strange the speed sensor does not work when side mounted as the cadence sensor works fine mounted sideways on the pedal arm.

Hope this makes sense…

Hi @michael_cox1, welcome to the forums.

Spin bikes are not meant to work with Zwift, people have hacked together ways to get them to work but it really isn’t the best experience.

If it’s not too late, return the spin bike and the speed sensor and check out the current deals on smart trainers. Note the prices on Wahoo items listed in the article below are incorrect, but I think the Wahoo Snap is $350


Hi @michael_cox1

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I assume you have a speed sensor that use a accelerometer. Those sensors are made to be attached to the hub of a wheel, it is not designed to be mounted on it’s side.


But please take note of the post above by @Mike_Rowe1 .


In addition to what Gerrie said, it makes sense that the cadence sensor works as those are intended to be mounted on the side of a crank arm, so the internal accelerometer expects to be moving sideways.

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I have a spin bike with a wahoo speed sensor on the flywheel which works, its important to not place the sensor on squarely, make sure its rotated 15-20 degrees clockwise and it might work, you might need to experiment with the amount of misalignment, tricky I know when using super sticky tape to attach the sensor


Going back to first principles; is the speed sensor is intended to be side-mounted?

Is the speed sensor in the video you watched the same type of sensor? As @Mark_Collinge notes, some speed sensors might work in that orientation.

I looked up one sort of Moofit speed sensor on Amazon, and that does say “the cadence/speed sensor can attach to your bike’s crank arm easily”

However, I can’t see how a speed sensor would work on a crank arm, as rotations of a crank arm are independent of the speed of the bike.

The images on the Amazon listing ( show it on a wheel hub, and says “the sensor attaches to your bike’s wheel hub(speed).”.

Seems a little confusing to me.

Thanks for this I will play about with alignment.

Hi Michael:
I have the exact same issue with a Moot speed sensor. Did rotating it on an angle help?