Mont Ventoux, Col du Galibier, Col du Tourmalet

If I were a betting man, I would wager that we’ll see a longish climb in Makuri one year from now, and nothing else.

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it’s nice to replicate real climbs but it takes them so much work for a single climb for it not to be used anywhere near what more flat/rolling roads would be used in game.

I don’t know how Zwift create new roads now if it’s totally from scratch or if they have any sort of GPX import type function then can add scenery.

I think it would be very popular if they were able to create a climb per week and rotate it so everyone does the same climb, add leader boards etc.

And of course if they don’t have an import gpx function now they are doing something wrong as it would really help with future real road replicas.

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Zwift desperately needs more hills like Petit KOM and the two KOMs on New York, ones that take more than a few minutes even for top climbers.

Mt Zuji?

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I hope so, and may it be an all gravel KOM please :troll:

I can only speak for myself … although I would love to have the replica of some iconic climbs like Stelvio, Zoncolan, Galibier, Finestre or Angliru, I understand that maybe that would require a lot of dev resourses.

So I only ask for something more simple; give us some way to go down the Alpe, Ventoux and the Radio Tower by a different road that was used to get up to the top. In other words, give us some variety … climbing the Alpe, Ventoux and the Radio Tower and always have to do an U turn gets boring.

And I agree with James @gloscherrybomb that we need more clims like the Epic and the climbs in Innsbruck. Climbs that take 15-30min to get to the top … its a nice way to get a hold of your 20min power (and estimate FTP).

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Another benefit of new roads to descent Ventoux, Radio Tower and the Alpe … the ability to have more variety to Fondo and Endurance routes, and to have a opportunity to do a more hardcore Tour of Watopia or Tour of France.

Not just gravel but with a 50km/h headwind.

Well around Innsbruck you could easily build out more roads and climbs very simply. Starting point just take the Stage 1 Haute Route Dolomites 2017. You could have the planned route or the actual route on the day which was changed because of heavy rain and snow. (the coldest ride I’ve ever done).

It would be easy to do more from the current ADZ by just building in some of the epic cols nearby the real Alp D’Huez.

They could put a new course “Extreme Pretzel” - about 100km and 4100m+. :wink:

There are resources for the Japan world extensions, so giving Watopia and Innsbruck more would be nice.

Definitely agree. 2 x 20-30min intervals is a pretty standard workout in a lot of training plans and Innsbruck is perfect for that (with two climb options). 5-6min warmup, 25min to the top (for me), 6-7 minutes to get back to the base of the climb without having to u-turn. Being a route and not having to worry about turns is a bonus.

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Absolutely!! My only request is a 20ish minute climb without downhills. Could be a solid place for threshold testing too! My favorite two that stick out in my mind from IRL are from Rwanda and Colombia.

Dirt Climb | Strava Ride Segment in Northern Province, Rwanda?

Alto de La Union (bien medido) | Strava Ride Segment in La Ceja, Antioquia, Colombia?

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I don’t understand the desire for gravel in Zwift. Given that we don’t have to worry about crashing or being run over by cars the road surface is the exact same minus the dust and speeds deferential. Let‘s have the same duration but less distance on our rides, said no one.

This has been talked about for 4ish years by now. It would be “easy” on the AdZ as there is multiple options IRL to leave the mountain without returning the infamous route.

I enjoy the variety and having a reason to play with bike choice, but knowing how many people despise it, Im compelled to troll a bit. I’m happy with any new roads. I love climbs and longish KOMs of any kind. The glacial pace of road development is one of the biggest problems in the game. It feels like all the talk of new roads is pointless chatter, mostly ignored by the people who could do something about it.


I love Alpe du Zwift. Would be nice if you could use the back for the descent.
More climbs of about 1000 meters would be very nice.

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Check out this old thread that had gone largely ignored by Zwift. Future Courses/ Islands - #41 by Freighter

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I see a lot of great ideas in this and the above-linked thread.

The point that stands out to me: they’d all result in significantly larger worlds.

Without a statement from Zwift HQ to the contrary, I’m going to assume there’s a practical limit on world sized based on their custom game engine, not their imagination.

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This thread has increased relevance now that the coastal road has been expanded. This suggests that Zwift is not averse to substantial Watopia expansion, which brings the western portion, around Alpe, into play.

Of course since this thread was more active there’s the climb portal, but I think riders would like to see something permanent to complement Alpe.

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Indeed! I think the Watopia expansion probably disproves my theory of a world size limit. Really hoping for more Watopia expansions - I’ve been enjoying collecting badges for the newly added routes.


That would be excellent - and the expansion of Watopia puts paid to the worries of world size.

However most people won’t ride the steepest climbs for obvious reasons.