Monitor basics

I currently display Zwift on my 12” laptop, but wish to know what I need to upgrade to 20-25”. Do I need a hard drive and processor or can I just mirror my iPhone to an independent computer screen (sans hard drive)?

Hi @Mick_Considine

If you are happy with the performance of the laptop then you can use a VGA cable to an external monitor.


or if your laptop has HDMI you can use HDMI to HDMI cable.

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Most newer laptops have HDMI ports on them, so that could be another option.

I use a laptop for my running setup and I have it set to mirror and just close the lid on the laptop when i’m using Zwift (make sure you set it to do nothing when closing the lid within the Power settings in Control Panel).

Thank you Gerrie & Paul,
These are good options. I was hoping I may be able to just drive it from my iPhone.

You can, if the monitor can handle HDMI there is this option: