multiple monitors?

Has anybody tried running with multiple monitors, e.g., zwift on one, and something else (netflix, GoldenCheetah, virtual aquarium, etc.) running on the other? Up until today I’ve been using the windows beta and I only have one monitor for that. However, with the mac version in beta I now have the option of using the laptop with external monitor and could do both.

I’ve been doing that, Zwift on my laptop screen and a movie or Sufferfest video going to an external monitor. Works well.

I always using 2 monitors.
Also used monitor + TV.

Works fine in any way.

Yes…works fine. I have my laptop with an external monitor and run TrainerRoad on the laptop…and zwift on the other monitor

Always have two going, Zwift on one, email or whatever on another, iPhone jamming tunes, etc…