Zwift with 2 screens

(1) I’m getting sick of my AppleTV, specifically having to use the remote to select one letter at a time. Bought a tiny 11" PC to run Zwift on that.
(2) But I’m also realizing that still need my Android to run Companion. (Well, GameLoop. Have to look into that.) Because I’m also tired of texting folks via Companion where I can’t even see the full height of what I’m texting. And Companion’s screen size is limited by phone size.
I’m realizing that what I would really like to see is a way of running Zwift on a 2-screen setup, i.e. laptop with an attached external monitor, wherein Zwift Companion (or equivalent) would run on display #1, the laptop’s display, and Zwift proper, for lack of a better term, would run on the attached large display. Would anyone else find this sort of arrangement useful? Should this be a feature request?

Mark… I use two monitors (window mode to run zwift or I loose my cursor); the second monitor I have my misc apps and use BlueStacks to open an Android Simulator that I can run Companion on. Also lets you have a full keyboard/mouse to control companion and zwift.

So THATS why you have Bluestacks open all the time when you’re on discord… oh my god Gene…

I should’ve asked you earlier.

The old man has it figured out sooner than the nerd on the team!

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Capisce. But wouldn’t it be so much better if Zwift could do the 2-screen thing natively, without needing an Android simulator? Potentially, even, without the need to open up 2 applications (Zwift and Zwift Companion?)

Yes… It would be nice to have a pc version of the companion app. I like the separation for keeping the Zwift App working with less problems.

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Agreed. I like to have one app do one thing. That’s why I have zero passwords stored in Firefox and hundreds of unique complex passwords stored in KeePass. :wink:

2 separate apps, both running on the same PC, would be fine, so long as each one remembers if it is supposed to be running on screen #1 or screen #2. Meaning that I don’t have to drag and size the windows each time. Would be nice for both apps to be started as if they were one. I would propose that starting Companion should automatically start up Zwift … logic being, that running Zwift by itself makes some sense, whereas running Companion by itself rarely makes any sense. (Might make sense if you’re adjusting settings or just want to change a password.)