Is there any advantage to installing ZWIFT on PC other than android phone?

I currently have ZWIFT app on Samsung Fold phone.

I also installed the Companion App on phone but haven’t use it because I was told it has to be installed on another device ,not both apps on phone.

I eventually want to use my windows PC because my phone gets too hot when ZWIFT app is running, no other app does that,and its not good for my phone and the battery in the long run. I currently don’t have money for a tablet so it’s the phone for now. Can’t use PC at the moment for ZWIFT until Treadmill is moved into room where PC and TV is.

I have a wireless keyboard ,but I don’t intend on chatting too much.

Anyway, if I remember correctly I was told to installed the companion app on phone and regular ZWIFT app on PC, or should I set it up for PC use which will be in about a month, and what app goes on the PC ,companion or regular ZWIFT app ?

Zwift on the PC, companion app on your phone


In short, on PC you’ll have better graphics, higher frame rate and bigger screen. I would definitely go with that.


Thanks for the replies !

So PC with regular Zwift app and companion on phone or tablet etc…?

What is the spec of your PC?

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Yes, that is correct.
Edit: Note companion app only works on some tablets. Here’s a list.

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Right now running Zwift on my phone and casting to my screen. Tried to install it on my (Linux based) PC just for ease of using the Garage but, so far, no luck. Be nice if we could access the garage through our web browser.

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Intel core i9-9900
CPU 3.6
Ram 32Gigs

Thanks for the list, appreciate it.

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it should look and run much better on that. and you won’t need a telescope to see the screen either

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Does your phone get hot ? My phone does.

Yes I agree . LOL

Ok, I just found a way to install Zwift on Linux via a script on GitHub (and I’m not allowed to post the link here so, try Googling “netbrain zwift github” (or PM me I suppose).

Using it with podman (an open source replacement for docker). I start the Zwift Companion app on my phone, then start Zwift on my Linux PC using this script. After logging into Zwift, I tell it to “connect through phone” and it all appears to be working. I’ll just need a little wireless keyboard (or maybe my steam controller) to manage the log in. Initial impression is that this could be a good solution.

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UPDATE: Tried twice to run it tonight and it crashed to terminal both times as I was getting an award. Looks like I’m trying something else.

That sounds like you may have video screenshots enabled in Zwift settings. If so, try turning it off and see if that helps

Yup, was about to post UPDATE 2:. After asking around on the GitHub forum I found this was a known issue and shutting off video screenshots was the solution. Will try a ride again tomorrow and, hopefully, get as far as uploading to Strava. I very much want this to work :slight_smile:

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Happy ya got it work,keep us updated and thanks for contributing and helping possible future Linux users.

Ok, just logged a 34+ minute ride, well past where I’ve been crashing, no issues. Looks like Video Screenshot is EVIL and should be DISABLED ;).

Thanks for the help all :slight_smile: