Can i display zwift from a laptop to a tv. (both not apple)

(Les Dawson) #1

Zwift displays on the laptop, but not the tv. Using a HDMI cable.

(Aaron Zwanzig) #2

I would start with basic troubleshooting. Make sure you have the tv input set to the correct hdmi port. Confirm that the hdmi cable works properly. Confirm that the hdmi port on the tv works. Make sure there isn’t a setting in the computer to control output through the hdmi port. Make sure the hdmi port on the computer works.

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(Paul) #3

Try changing Zwift to Windowed Mode and also make sure you are extending the desktop so you can move the Zwift window over to the TV.

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(Les Dawson) #4

Thanks for the info. The tv displays / mirrors the pc screen OK and shows Zwift when I log in. But as soon as I try to move onto a ride all it shows is the pc home screen. But the Zwift ride is still running ok on the pc screen. I can also hear the background sound of Zwift on the TV.

(Gerrie Delport TeamZF) #5

I think you should make your TV the main display in the display settings. Most games only run full screen on the main display.

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(Les Dawson) #6

Sorted. Thanks for the info everyone. Went into “advanced display settings” on the laptop, then “display adaptor properties for display 2” Then “monitor” Un-tick the box that says “hide modes this monitor cant display” and it now all works. !!

(Richard Jackson L Ride On Bikes) #7

Make your computer mirror on other screen. It will show on both monitors that way. Not everyone can IT