Laptop won't connect to tv via hdmi cable properly

Hi can anyone help, when I connect my laptop to my tv with a hdmi cable I can’t get zwift to connect properly, I get the sound but no picture, all that’s on the tv is my laptop home screen, but my laptop has zwift  up and running ok. I tried another hdmi cable and on different tv’s but still the same. Hope this makes sense. Help please.

Hugh: perhaps your laptop is set to “extend” your display to your second screen. You have two options that’ll both work for you. You can mouse-click-and-hold to drag the top of the Zwift window over to the TV screen. Or, easier, you can duplicate your laptop screen on the TV, so you see the same thing on both screens. On Microsoft Windows computers, use keyboard shortcut “Win+P” and click on “duplicate.”

Microsoft has a help page here:

Hi Steve

I have got it to work now, I went in to the zwift settings page and select WINDOWED in the screen mode. All good now, thanks for your advise.  

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