Mobile Zwift connect via Ethernet

Frequently, when I ride, either no other riders show up or I can see riders but they can’t see me. I know this from social meet-ups. Over discord I’ve been told that I’m not there, yet I can see them. Most of the time results record fine.

So that’s the 1st issue. I assume this is bad signal or some kind of connectivity problem.

To solve this I purchased an Anker PowerExpand USB-C to Gigabit Ethernet Adapter so I could wire my phone connection.

Speed tests show it works great. The ethernet connection is double the download speed (50-56MBps) compared to WiFi. The upload speed is consistently ~9MBps.

So the 2nd issue is that when I log into Zwift over ethernet is has a “no network” warning.

Any ideas?

What trainer are you using and when did this start? What device are you running Zwift on?

Trainer = Next Generation Wattbike Atom - I can’t see how this has any impact.
Samsung Galaxy S10 plus. Last phone update was 4th February. Zwift App is up to date, last updated 24th January.
After looking through my activities I’ve realised I first noticed it on the 24th January.

Not sure if that’s a coincidence. If so, what did Zwift do?

Also, why doesn’t Zwift work with the Ethernet adapter?

If you look around the forum you will see that Wattbike owner’s are having the invisibility cloak problem. Apparently when steering was turned on for the Kickr Bike it accidentally turned on Wattbike steering with deleterious effects.

I can confirm Zwift does work with wireline adapters both through and Apple TV, MacBook Pro and an M1 Mac mini.

I can confirm it definitely has something to do with the steering. If I start a world with steering connected then other riders show up. If I start with it switched off (which I had been doing to avoid the reported u-turn issues) then riders disappear. I haven’t yet been able to confirm whether other riders can see me, yet, though.

I wasn’t talking about powerline - I have them - I was talking about an ethernet adapter for my phone.

I can connect this and “wire” my phone’s Internet. It works great but as soon as I open the app, Zwift claims there’s “no network”.

Why won’t Zwift recognise that my phone has an ethernet connection?