At home I’m using IOS/Bluetooth/Kickrsnap and all works well. In work I’m using Windows/Ant+/Wattbike and although it works, for me, no other riders show up! Am I missing something in settings? Is it an internet problem? Is there a solution? Thanks in advance from a lonely rider :smiley:

Other more knowledgeable folks will give you a definitive answer, but it sounds like maybe a firewall issue at work—i.e. some kind of security measure isn’t allowing all Zwift info through, so you don’t see other riders.

By far the more important question though is What kind of work do you do where you are riding on Zwift from work?? lol


Thank you, I shall check with my works IT department to see if they can grant full access to Zwift. I work in a college with a great gym :grinning:

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