Missing right shoe when wearing Sworks SP7

I have five shoes in My Garage. When I put on the Sworks SP7 shoe, the right shoe/foot is missing. It only happens with the Sworks SP7 shoes. The right shoe is missing in the spinning view of my avatar in My Garage, as well as during a ride. It’s missing even in screenshots taken during the ride. The missing shoe only happens when I’m running Zwift on MacBook Air (MacOS 10.15.6). No issue with Zwift in AppleTV and iPhone.

Hi @Changren_Yong_Audi

Shuji at Zwift HQ here. I noticed you’re mainly using a Macbook Pro, but sometimes you log in from AppleTV and Iphone. Are you seeing this glitch on all those devices, or just the MacOS?

EDIT: Sorry - I see you said it’s only in MacOS

Would you be willing to screencapture the glitch? If so, you can drag and drop it into your reply here on the forum.

I tried to drag and drop but I am getting this error “Sorry, you can’t embed media items in a post.”

I’ve reported this artwork bug and we’ll try to reproduce it on our end.

Would you mind email the screenshot to support@zwift.com? Ask for Shuji , and reference this forum thread URL please.

Thanks, I’ll do that.