Missing km im saved file

Hi, during my ride today I lost my internet connection, once re-established I continued with my ride. When I finished and saved my ride I noticed that the recorded distance is only up before the internet failure and didn’t record anything after reconnecting to the internet. So it saved 58km but I actually did 70k and I could see this number when saving the ride, so I was shocked when I didn’t see the actual number I did. Is there a way to correct this?

Welcome to the forums @ana_romero

Normally “no” but if you have access to your fit files, you may find two files covering the full ride in which case you may be able to join the files using tools found via google search. Then once done, you can upload to Strava/other ride recording apps, but unfortunately not Zwift.

Thank you for the information Dean. I have download the files from Zwift in my mobile to my computer but they are with txt and not gpx and strava is rejecting them. When opening the files I can’t see which is the distance they recorded. So quite complicated. But thank you for the advice. Wish you a happy New Year.

Thanks Ana - Happy New Year to you too :slight_smile:

Yes the native files and messing around with those things behind the scenes can be a bit challenging.

The fit files will have a .fit file extension - here’s an example of mine:

Here’s Zwifts instructions on finding them:

If you grab any of the files that are dated on the date you did the ride (including the inProgress file) and send them to me (Zwiftposts @ gmail dot com) I’ll see if I can stitch them together and test that I can upload to Strava.