Missing graphics elements in Windows 7 [1.0.59353]

We have a few reports of avatars and background graphics missing textures with the version 1.0.59353.

This appears to be happening on Windows 7 specifically. If you’re seeing something that looks like this, we are aware and investigating.

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Any updates on this one. I completely lose my avatar and have major graphics missing with big black patches right were avatar should be. Basically impossible to do group ride as you can’t see any riders. Please help

Hi @Matt_Dale1
Thank you for the reminder. I’ve bumped the trouble ticket.

Hopefully a quick fix. Thanks for your response Shuji

I am having this missing graphics issue on windows 7 is there going to be a fix soon

You should upgrade to Windows 10.

Yes i was thinking of buying a new pc

You don’t need a new PC to upgrade.

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Found out i could still download windows 10 for free so did and can confirm zwift is working without

the lost graphics.

Thanks for letting me know about the fix.

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