Avatars appear to have no skin or to be wearing black skinsuit

Since Tuesday, some but not all avatars appear have their skin and facial characteristics missing. Not all avatars appear this way but my avatar does and a non significant number of other avatars do. Has occurred in Scotland and Makuri Islands. Anybody else experienced this?

Hi @Colin_Rehm_DIRT thanks for bringing this up.

This sounds very much like a graphics processing issue, what kind of setup do you have? Are you using a computer, phone, tablet, or Apple TV? Information like this can help determine the next steps in diagnosing and hopefully resolving the issue. The more information you can provide about the device specifications the better!

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Using PC specifically Dell Inspiron 3514 Frankenstein build with NDIDIA GPU (1660 GTX Super). Could it be something with drivers related to NVIDIA? I believe I’ve followed all the relevant instructions on setup/options, but happy for more help.

The video card you have is more than powerful enough to run Zwift, it very well could be a driver issue, I’d suggest making sure that the game ready drivers from the Nvidia website are up to date, the windows drivers for videocards are rarely kept up to date, even if you have the most recent windows updates.


Updating the video card driver took care of issue, much appreciated. I thought I had updated a few weeks back but I guess not. Thanks for your help!

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I’m glad I could help! Ride On.