Missing bikes on all avatars!

Uhhhh… somehow I managed to accidentally move a Zwift bikes file on my computer and now none of the avatars are riding bikes! Rather entertaining to see everyone spinning legs in the air BUT I think Id like to get back to feeling at least someone realistic again. I have a Mac and am just not sure which files and where I need to move it to!
If worse comes to worse I guess I could reinstall but I’m concerned if it will reset me back to zero.
Any thoughts?

Your level and drops aren’t device specific so you shouldn’t lose them. You may lose your best 30 day effort information however as that is device specific.

The missing bikes is pretty funny.

Hi @Andrea_T_SJBC welcome to Zwift forums.

A fresh install of the Zwift app should fix that. Before you do, move the file that contains your personal bests and workout settings.

Instructions on support.zwift.com

thanks, I was hoping to avoid in case it caused me to lose data- so I won’t be relegated back to Level 1, lose my gear?

Ya its actually pretty funny to watch! OK, I’ll reinstall and hope all good for my USAC race tomorrow…

You’ve just sorted next year’s April Fools gag for them! Looks hilarious! :smiley:


Thumbs up!

Actually, two thumbs up :rofl: