Drops and helmet gone

I recently logged on and my kit was changed and my drop number was lower, also my helmet unlock from zwift academy is gone but it still shows that i have completed all but 1 thing. My account seems to have reverted to a previous save file but only in some areas, my progress on Mt. Everest is unchanged.

have you logged in on more than one device

Yeah, i have to log on on a laptop to edit my custom workouts now but i zwift using my phone.

Log out of the game on the laptop before riding

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Ok, just verified i was and have been signed out on the whole time. I only use laptop to edit workouts. Ive never used it to zwift from

I’m pretty sure support can tell you if you had overlapping logins. That’s the only explanation I know of unless you were disconnected at the end of the ride.

I can’t figure out how to message support. Thats why I made this post. Every time I click “contact us” it takes me to a chat bot that only shows articles. Do you know of a way to contact them? I really only want my helmet back, the drops are whatever honestly but i earned that helmet :laughing:

Be as persistent as a mosquito with the chat bot and you should get there eventually. Start by making a cup of herbal tea and doing some deep breathing exercises, then just keep telling the robot that you still need help until it gives up.

Lol. Ok cool. Thank you so much for your help! I really appreciate it!

Yay! E mail sent! Thank you! Hopefully they can figure it all out.