Missing 20 min power

Hey @xflintx what is the update on this?

I have 2 different races that have not pulled the fit file recently.

Isn’t it about time you guys put your house in order and got on top of zwiftpower and the many other issues. This service worked incredibly well for a number of years.

On a side note, I’d love to see your test & release processes in-house… Your bugs board must be over flowing.

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Buenas noches, a mi también me sucede este problema tanto en carreras WTRL como salidas libre. No detecta los parciales de 20m, 5m…pero no siempre, así que cada evento tengo dudas si aparecerán o no estos datos.
Este problema se me produce últimamente ya que antes no me sucedía, no sé si tal vez sea que ahora utilizo en otra zona de la casa Apple TV y la cobertura wifi no es tan buena esto pueda afectar ya que también el registro de actividades antes era de todas y ahora sucede que solamente registra alguna aleatoriamente.
Gracias por tu colaboración.


I seem to be missing 20 min power data on quite a few races. This has happened to be a few times now, again on the most recent WTRL race -


If there any way someone can refresh for me? Having read the trail it looks like it’s the.fit file not pulling through?

Many thanks

Status is here:

I am experiencing the same problem (watts/kg 20 minutes missing and overall watts/kg in blue).
Can you please look into it as it would be an event towards an upgrade, whew!
Here is the event ID


Thank you! - The Roadrunner

Just FYI, this is the erd this has happened in mylast 13 ZP events as well as back in September. As this frequently occurs, seems that at least this last event be completed as it is hard to get back to C when many events do not count towards being able to cat up. Thank you.


Drop an email off to Zwiftpower@zwift.com with details including your Zwiftpower ID/profile name, event ID. When they fix the problem, they will be checking the inbox to make sure they have fixed everyone that has reported this.

This has happened last two weeks on the WRTL TTT. I’d say maybe 2/3 of the riders in the results list have the same issue. zid=1793887

Hello @xflintx , any updates?

Are you still seeing consistently missing 20min power on your races, or is it more sporadic?

The major issues that were plaguing the site earlier in the year have largely been fixed and/or greatly reduced in their prevalence. There are some things that crop up from time to time, of course.

If you’re still seeing this, please let me know and I’ll take a look at your profile and see what we can find out.

Please look at my profile, missing 20 min data for my last two Zwift Academy TT races. I hate to keep doing them over for no credit. Is it something on my end? Jbobelak@icloud.com

Hi there,

Thanks for your work on this.
My ZP profile doesn’t show the detailed power data from the latest ZRL race. Anything you can do would be greatly appreciated

Event: 2566799
Profile: Zwift Power -Login - ZP ID: 3629856


I’ve had this same issue happening to me twice, luckily it has been on not so important races.

What’s common for me these two occasions is that it has been in races with a lot of participants (a lot of data being processed at the same time) combined with leaving the event directly for a short cool down on another world/course that I’ve also saved. This has in both occasions seemed to overwrite parts of the data from the longer race/workout with data from the short cool down leaving one corrupt file. Even auto screen shots from the cool down has been added to the “real” workout. Don’t know if this is helpful, but for me it seems that trying to save a new file before the processing of the first one is done has led to these exact issues. Could be worth looking into the way Zwift is handling multiple calls for saving data from the same user simultaneously perhaps?

Could also add that after this I have also made sure to wait finishing and saving the cool down until I have seen the first file show up in the companion app (and being auto forwarded to Strava/Training Peaks etc) and after that I haven’t had this issue again.


Can you take a look at my 15 sec power on the last event at ZRL?
event: 2643403
ZP id: 402664

I had a bluescreen at exiting Zwift after the race.
Some of my teammates are looking at my numbers for the last races and they think my 15 sec looks strange.

I have uploaded the fit-file today manualy for that race also.

@Joakim_Sunden_SZ Looks like your activities are private. ZP needs them to be public.

Thx for the info.

Where do I change from Private to Public?

Companion app, more > settings > privacy > Activity Privacy Default