Missing 20 min power

Appreciate the reply and transparency. I agree it’s not reasonable or sustainable for manual refresh to be conducted. However I do think that if you did a sample to see if was a potential for it would give you more information.

Hi @xflintx, this was a non-ZRL race where 18 riders (myself included) had no data:
Race zid=1372087
My profile z=834206

My other ‘no data’ ones are ZRL races and as stated above we don’t see the WTRL data so zwiftpower is our sole source of information on managing our rider categories and trying to avoid DQ.

As mentioned on the other threads (eg: zp critical power issue) the critical power I have been getting has been wrong anyway (critical power data not matching the fit file data).


Thank you! I’ll add this one to the ticket for more detail. I appreciate that.

Hey @xflintx - My last 2 rides also have no power data as others have shown. One was a WTRL TTT (where I was actually invisible to everyone in Zwift too) and the other was a HERD group ride where lots of riders have the same issue:


My Zwiftpower profile - 1071697

Hopefully this can get resolved.

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There are also many riders with missing data including myself in today’s fierce felines race 6.55pm GMT. Please sort this as it is ruining the integrity of race leagues and meaning people don’t upgrade when they should!

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Hi @xflintx

I was in the Veganuary final race yesterday and everybody but 10 riders have full fit file data, the other 10 have no live or fit file data yet. From a quick look it is people who have performed their best results so far in Zwift

Race is: 1585943
My profile: 2610238

It appears weird it is the people who have hit PB’s but frustrating as really want the data to show improvement



Happened to me (z=1138776) for a second time now (twice where I have PBs, so very frustrating).

Race 1: <zid=1536864>
Race 2: <zid=1610582>


3rd time of me now

It’s frustrating as it feels like the effort of pointless when it doesn’t upload and everyone else’s does … no rewards in your figures for doing eell

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Same issue here
Race zid=1588188
Rider z=1416368

Thank you in advance. Appreciating your effort

Same here:

Hello @xflintx any news for my case? i really appreciate if you can do this effort to add manually my metrics and save my best 20’ all time + switch from a to A+ including this missing metrics. thanks a lot

events.php?zid=1542028 (Mirco Lupinetti)

My most recent race (1847545) is missing 20 min and 5 min power, the NP calculation from live data that is way off compared to my Garmin and I’m missing the .fit file analysis. There are others in the event with the same issue.

Additionally I’m missing .fit file analysis for my most recent ZRL race (1580891), again there others with the same issue.

My Zwift ID is 1847545

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Any chance of refreshing data for today’s “Vegan Cyclist 100+1” ride (zid=1646899)?

There are quite a few of us whose .fit files didn’t process for that ride. And for some of us (myself included), this was a PB (longest) distance effort.


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Here’s a non-WTRL event where 20-min (and other power metrics) are missing: 3R Watopia 65km Race - 6 laps (40mi 324m) zid=1617639.

It’s been about 11 hours since the race. I notice that 16 out of 68 riders’ .fit file-based metrics (including my own) are not yet available. What’s more annoying to me is that my result and gain were displayed earlier and are now gone! I apologize if I’m being impatient and simply need to wait a bit for results, but I thought I’d chime in. Thanks.

More examples for you guys to go over.

RiderID: z=574339

All of my WTRL events seem to have come through OK, but the 15 second power for this one seems to be way off compared to TrainingPeaks analysis: zid=1580877

All of my Fondo events haven’t calculated data so far:

And then my two most recent events:

This TDZ Ride didn’t calculate 20 min power but did the rest (was a 38 min ride):

@xflintx Just to add some more reference points to this issue:

The powerdata (including live data) of several riders of last Saturday’s WTRL’s race seem to be missing (12), now here there has actually been a refresh, but this didn’t seem to work as of yet.


Moreover, if I look at some other recent races, you can clearly see the same issue, with missing powerdata and no live data of only several riders,:


In the WTRL race I was in a warm-up event for a short time just before the race (couple of minutes), didn’t log out and went straight in the pen. I have seen that my data/fit file has been corrupted in the companion app if I did some short cool down rides in the past. Might be a coincidence, but several other riders that were in the warm-up event have missing data.

Hopefully this might help a bit.

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Another example where a number of folk have missing 20 min power and under (from Saturday 30th Jan 2021) and personally a subsequent race has had the same glitch/missing data - events.php?zid=1502186 & events.php?zid=1617673
All info appreciated. Many Thanks

Same here, but i haven’t got the power metrics at all yet.

Mirco, I promise I’m not ignoring you, I understand that you raced strong in that race. I cannot add these metrics for you manually at this time for a few reasons. The primary reason, though, is that we don’t understand the issue fully enough yet to say “yes, this is what it is” and if I change one person’s data, then others as word gets out, we may make something worse before we make it better.

Right now, in all transparency, we’re trying to stem the bleeding for the live data and I’m diligently working between here on the forums and the email inbox to put the pieces together and see what I can find to help our engineers solve this.


Hi Flint

It does look like anyone who got a PB over full race is missing the live and fit file data from the weekend.

I have added the analysis of my ride and the data is all there and matches with what I thought it was …

This doesn’t appear to be limited to anyone event either

Can you confirm if this data will appear ? Is it even worth people trying in races as if PB’s are not going to show in the data then it seems a waste of time for everyone ?