Missing 20 min power

Erm, try ALL of last week’s WTRL ZRL races. Half the riders still have green bolts / unprocessed fit files - I understand from previous times this happened that these files will be lost and cannot be processed.

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Fair enough I was just looking at the one race seems like it is a bigger issue.

This will affect the results as it means the organisers are unable to monitor riders outside cat limits and it also deprived individuals of a full record of their performances.

Since it affects so many I wonder what the cause / fix is?

@xflintx any ideas if this can be fixed or prevented in future?

It’s a very long running issue, also affected my WTRL and BC races in November and December last year and now again in January. It keeps being ‘fixed’ (and forum threads closed) but none of the fixes actually work.

As you say it means we can’t properly manage / captain teams because we have no idea who is UPG.

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Big shame here

Somehow, the importance of reliable data has been lost upon Zwift Inc. I’ve had both of the Tour de Zwift stages done in the last three days, Stages 4 and 5, stay uncertified as indicated by a green bolt. In both events, I did some very hard work and anticipated seeing how I did. Instead, it’s apparently going to be lost to the winds and there’s nothing to do for it. I am certainly less than pleased.

I understand that those of us who take those numbers seriously are a small subset of users on Zwift, but we tend to be the “Vocal Minority” who will ultimately get frustrated and leave for more stable pastures. I know that the experienced users on here tend to be the evangelists for the platform and if Zwift continues down this path we’ll find other ways to spend our fitness time, money and evangelizing…

The worst thing is no one on zwift headquartier or mods explain what is happening here.

We pay a monthly subscription and is very bad to go into this bugs that basically are faking my zwiftpower profile.

I lost with this bug my best 20’ effort and a switch to A rider from A+ over 300w.

@xflintx @Shuji

I have an important question to ask you all about these 20 minute numbers so that I can make sure I understand the issue:

Is it primarily in WTRL events that you’re seeing this?

This is important for us to make as a distinction because of the way that WTRL manages the results data.

If you can please point me to a few races that aren’t WTRL where you notice this happening, that will be a huge help. Essentially, WTRL has their own way of calculating the results that we don’t touch, as that’s what sets them apart. It’s been made clear that any WTRL event needs to be run entirely by WTRL, and ZwiftPower is just the common ground where the data lives.

Now of course, there is some investigating here we will do with WTRL, and this is also why I ask if you’re seeing it in other events that aren’t WTRL events, so that we can look at those too.

I promise we’re not ignoring you, I’m just one person.



Personally I only noticed this one event generally the data seems to come through for other events. Other posters on this forum may be able to add more insight.

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Hi, here my data loss race events.php?zid=1542028

Any chance to recovery it?

In the Tour de Zwift A events at 5am PST on 21Jan and 24Jan, multiple people including your correspondent, ended up with unprocessed results: green bolts. In fact the top two finishers on the 24th have green bolts. I know in my case that I blew a lung on those events and was looking forward to seeing what I did. How both of my TdZ rides got sidetracked is beyond the pale. Please fix this.

The 24th:

The 21st:

I hope that we can recover it soon for you. The first order of business, though, is finding out why this is happening. In the event we do, it’s likely that we can restore it for you.

The race has already been regenerated a couple times by my doing, and I’m still not seeing any changes, so I’ve brought it to the attention of our dev team to look into it.

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Thanks a lot for support, hope you can fix it and recover.

If is possible advice me in negative or positive end of situation, at least i know that chances are over.

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Please do not mix up the green bolt issues with the totally missing power detail issue. This is about values (often WTRL TTT) missing completely for a number of rider (example https://zwiftpower.com/events.php?zid=1542028)

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The Zwift racing league last week has big issues. A lot of riders are missing metrics. No live data or fit files. Including myself. Would be great if you could recover the data as a lot of people are putting their biggest effort into those races.

Thanks! /Dan

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I agree. It is affecting the integrity of the competition as I can see several riders who you would expect to have been upgraded to higher category but due to missing power have stayed where they are. As there is a 4 week threshold in league rules all of these will now be able to complete the season.

@xflintx I remember sticky used to conduct manual refresh of individual users and this sometimes worked. I know it’s time consuming and not a sustainable solution but maybe you could run a sample on riders from some of the races listed to see if it works at rider level?

Yes last week very few riders have data ( Zwift Racing League | WTRL - Men’s/Mixed EMEA E1 DIVISION 1 ). Yesterday’s is all good!

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Hello @xflintx , any updates?


I haven’t done a manual refresh of individual users at the moment, no. I’m aware that missing metrics on ZwiftPower is less than ideal, and I understand as well that the ZRL races in particular are important to have data for since it’s a big race that folks prep for and really give it their all.

We’re working on it, and I believe the solution lies in something outside of individual refreshes on profiles, as that process is entirely too time consuming at this moment. It may be that’s what we have to do in the interim, but I’m looking to ways to eliminate this problem at the source - whatever that source may be - so that we don’t have to do it like it used to be done.


Thank you @xflintx i really appreciate your transparency about situation.
Anyway if you can do a little effort, in case overall fix not work, to just update my data for this zrl TTT events.php?zid=1542028 (Mirco Lupinetti) because, as i said, there is my best 20’ ever and chance to upgrade from A to A+ category, so as you can understand is not about just a metrics to upload but more then that, and a lot of pain to achieve this result!

Thanks in advance.

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Appreciate the reply and transparency. I agree it’s not reasonable or sustainable for manual refresh to be conducted. However I do think that if you did a sample to see if was a potential for it would give you more information.