20 min results

when do you expect the results of the 20 min of the race: Zwift Racing League | WTRL - Men’s/Mixed EMEA E2 DIVISION 9?

The answer is never. Plenty of old threads on the topic of zwift breaking zp.

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Big shame, i have done my best 20’ ever on my last TTT and nothing update on zp, very very bad

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same for me :frowning:

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Somehow, the importance of reliable data has been lost upon Zwift Inc. I’ve had both of the Tour de Zwift stages done in the last three days, Stages 4 and 5, stay uncertified as indicated by a green bolt. In both events, I did some very hard work and anticipated seeing how I did. Instead, it’s apparently going to be lost to the winds and there’s nothing to do for it. I am certainly less than pleased.

I understand that those of us who take those numbers seriously are a small subset of users on Zwift, but we tend to be the “Vocal Minority” who will ultimately get frustrated and leave for more stable pastures. I know that the experienced users on here tend to be the evangelists for the platform and if Zwift continues down this path we’ll find other ways to spend our fitness time, money and evangelizing…

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If the past few months is any guide:

  1. zwift announce they’ve again ‘fixed’ zwiftpower (having created the problem in the first place)
  2. zwift close any forum threads about zp as it is now ‘fixed’
  3. the fix won’t work
  4. new threads (like this one) pop up
  5. when the thread gets long enough, go back to step 1

Big shame

The REALLY STUPID thing about this problem is they fired the guy that would have this fixed in 10 minutes. There is no reason for it.

So here we sit after blowing our guts out in the video game with no results to show for it. I am seriously put out.

the worst thing is that basically fake all ZP info.

In my case i have done my best 20’ and give me chance to pass from a rider to A+ too.
Obviously nothing about that done and no one of zwift HQ explain about it.

We’re looking into this one for you all. Please understand that there are a small number of us working on ZP specifically, and we’re here reading the forums as you post. While changes may not be as quick as you’re all used to them being in years past, we’re doing our best to change them in a way that allows us to not break things further. And yes, I realize the irony of this, as we’ve certainly broken things a time or two in the last months. Believe me, I’m well aware.

The good part is that now we can make changes from the very back end to the very front end, and the downside is that we now have to check things from the very back end to the very front end, instead of just fixing the one little thing we see each time we see it.

If any of you have examples of this happening that aren’t WTRL events, please link them here. If you can’t post the URL, just the event ID at the end of the URL works.

EX: https://zwiftpower.com/events.php?zid=1542028

Right now, my suspicion in looking at this thread and others is that it’s mostly related to WTRL events, though Mark did point out that it happened to him on TdZ Stage 5.


And Stage 4. How it happened to me on two consecutive stages is crazy. Only about 10% of the field ended up with green bolts…

Stage 4 on the 21st:

Stage 5 on the 24th:

Thanks for support events.php?zid=1542028

This is my zrl data lost, big damage with my best 20’ lost.

Any chance to recover it?

I had it here: <zid=1536864>, which ran in parallel with WTRL races if I recall correctly.

My data from my TdZ Stage 5 ride is live only, even though my profile is set to public.

Only live data for me on TDZ stage 5

I don’t have any data for this race: [Zwift Power - 3R Alpe Du Zwift KOM Race (20km 1444m)]
Some competitors got their datas, but not me (I’m 19th of the A) ? Any chance to got it ? (i did my best time at the Alpe Kom and it doesn’t appear either (45’17’’ according to strava…) Hope you can fix this…
Thanks for your answer

How do you actually go about joining this WTRL? signed up on the website and can see the teams in each division, I assume you need to be invited? is there a special forum where people who are looking to join a team or teams looking for riders can go? would be great to get involved!


You can request to join a Team by searching through the teams on ZP. Make sure they race in the WTRL league if that’s what you want.

Some teams also have a website and require you to apply both on their website and ZP. You’ll also need a WTRL account.

Once you’ve been invited into a team you’ll need to speak to one of their race admins about assigning you to one of the groups that suits your category for racing. Most teams use Discord as a means of communicating and passing on race information.

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