20 minute power on Zwift Power?

Novice question…(apologies)

Just finished a race and I note that ZwiftPower hasn’t recorded my 20 minute power.

I finished the race in 20:03 (yes, I know it’s only 3 seconds) so I was wondering is there specific time over 20 minutes that has to have elapsed before ZwiftPower records? Maybe it doesn’t count the lead-in?

Thanks, Adam.

Looking at the results it look like the people over 21min got the 20 min power calculated.

I’ve raced for ~20:30 twice in 8 lap crit city races and got a 20 minute power for each. I know that doesn’t help the OP directly but refutes the idea it has to be 21mins

The winner of the faster of the two (bizarrely the Cat B race where I was 7th not the Cat A race I won - that’s a whole other subject) was 20:26 and had 20 minute power

@Adam_O_Loughlin_SAS , is it perhaps that the 20min includes a minute of start delay for a multi-category race?

TBF the 20 minute result popped up about an hour later, so it’s there now :blush: