Milestone App User Update


the same issue here! Cant login to the Milestone app. anymore from 3 or 5 days ago.

I understand that product as such & app are discontinued but it should works with existing app without update. Are we completely lost advanced funtions? Will connection to the app repaired?

Please inform us, we need to know what to do.

Thank you


This is very disappointing @Mike_mendoza. There is no mention in the above announcement about the server infrastructure supporting the Milestone application going offline. Can we please:

  1. Get the server back online.
  2. Alternatively remove the dependency to log on in order to use the app.
  3. Open source the Milestone Pod application.

The Milestone pod application provides valuable running metrics you don’t get with Zwift and can also be used in offline mode. Please restore the server connectivity.


Cannot post a Twitter link here, but Zwift account says: “Unfortunately support for the Milestone Pod has been discontinued. It should still work with Zwift Run though. Zwift doesn’t currently track shoe mileage but we will pass on the suggestion!”

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Totally agree that the Zwift foot pod is now useless for what I purchased it for, basically running metrics. I understand Zwift business is for people who want to stay in there house, but why buy a running podmanufacturer to kill of it’s main benefits!!!


The sudden and unannounced shutdown of the milestone pod server was poor form.

There are many good suggestions above to create goodwill with the community.

At a minimum I would like access to my data.


Another one that just bought the pod and used it to see the stats of my running outdoors.
At minimum I believe it would be gentle to be able to use it offline. I know it was cheap, but I spent some money for something that had a clear use when I bought it. Suddenly, they changed their mind and now we can’t even use it offline. I find it unacceptable.


Still nothing from Zwift. Feels like they’re quietly trying to ignore us hoping we’ll just go away. I’m sure there’s a revenue opportunity for them here maintaining the app would generate additional pod sales for us who run outdoors and use the valuable metrics. There’s also advertising revenue opportunities from within the app. Come on Zwift bring the server back online!



The milestone pod app has been reporting server communication error for at least two weeks can we please get the server back online. The app won’t work without a login and I can’t upload or download offline run data or retrieve valuable running metrics like Ground Contact time which zwift doesn’t provide from this pod.

Thanks Matt


I encourage the folks at Zwift to turn the servers back on and try out the Milestone app themselves. You will see how much more useful the info is to runners.


It is a pity that they do not support the Milestone pod app


Hey all, for what it is worth, please ´vote´ this thread to see if Zwift will pay attention to all the comments posted here. Thanks.


Well, this is the response I received: I do not have a recent download of data. They don’t care about us at all:

Thanks for contacting Zwift - we certainly understand the frustration that stems around data loss of any kind. When it is something you physically work for, that impact is even greater. In an effort to avoid any type of data loss for our customers we provided notification of changes prior to removing support to the MilestonePod.


Notification? In July 2019 they sent e-mail, that support will end in August 2019 and “Someday, it will no longer function as it does today. You’ll still be able to sync runs beyond this date but given the ever-evolving technology landscape, we can’t possibly say how long that’s going to last.”
And then Zwift switched off servers without any further notice, any warning that we should at least backup our data.


why Zwift ???

You guys have the best hardware (in term of performance cost ratio) for recording running gait/running analytics, but instead of leverage the underlying technology, you choose to kill it…:sob:

Would it be better, if you guys try to find a way to integrate milestonepod data to zwift run, and make the customers happy, instead of make us angry :rage:?

I am pretty sure that your engineere, your scientists, and even management able to think of some kind of way, to include milestonepod analytics that benefit your business ??


Why would you shut this down? It’s so useful. And to do it with no notification at all is shady. This is a great device that is so much more useful than just for running on a treadmill. Please turn the servers back on. Or provide a way for us to access the data offline.


This is the reply that Zwift gave me:

I am very sorry that there is nothing we are able to do to fix this problem for you. Hopefully you can get set up with Zwift and continue your running journey with us!

No way!

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I’m a victim as well of the Mileston server shut down, I wasn’t even aware of this issue and I have continued to enjoy the pod service since many years now. It sounds absurd that Zwift bought Milestone to have its own pod and then they are just using it this way not giving a ■■■■ about a whole community that purchased Milestone pod for its peculiarity. The way Zwift dealt with it is extremely disrespectful. Shame on you.


And this is what i still find on the pod on Zwifts website:
Ten Top Tips for a Smooth RunPod Experience:

  1. Download the MilestonePod App ([Android] and [iOS])
  2. Update to the latest RunPod firmware
  3. Ensure your RunPod battery has plenty of life
  4. Check for other apps hijacking the RunPod signal
  5. Keep the Runpod clear of other equipment like microwaves or Wifi routers
  6. Ensure the Zwift App and the RunPod are no more than 2 meters apart
  7. Tap the Runpod and make sure you see a green light
  8. Calibrate the RunPod in Zwift using the wrench icon in the Pairing Screen
  9. Calibrate using the speed at which you intend to do the majority of your run
  10. Try not to run significantly faster in Zwift than the calibrated speed

So they suggest all is fine, but apparently they leave us in the cold. There is no message on their website that they do not support us anymore.
So I sold my pod without having any data from it after two years of using it.

Hi guys,

to you who is missing advanced metrics from Milestone Pod I found a solution.
Its not superb but in this case is very sufficient without any additional investment to new hardware!

So, If you would like have data like foot strike, leg angle, rate of impact its possible to have it with application iSmoothRun. Its app for iOS only which is able to proceed data from Milestone Pod.

You need to just run with your iphone with app paired MS pod & after run you can these metrics in results. Not graphs but values.
For now its the best soution what I found.

Do you know of any app that will allow you to run without a phone or watch, just the milestone pod on your shoe, and get mileage and pace by syncing later?