Milestone App User Update

Typical zwift. It’s a kid’s video game not a real training tool for adults.
Just turn the #&$#*! server back on.

Hmm, I wonder if we can make a legal claim against Zwift for stopping connectivity to our data? Maybe that will force them to have a re-think. I for one had never been notified about the Milestonepod app or servers being taken offline and I’m now in the horrible position of not being able to access data which is mine and now inaccessible without the back end server being online to support logging onto the app. Zwift appear to have taken the servers offline or prevented login to the Milestonepod app without notifying MilestonePod users. I think we have a case here.


Hi Folks,
I’ve send the following to zwift support (translated from German):
the Milestonepod app server stopped working, the message indicates that you have turned it off. I am not alone in having the problem, there are several forum posts where many users report the same problem. This could have been announced before, your action is not acceptable.
I ask for the surrender of my data that is stored there. I am entitled to this right according to the GDPR.
With kind regards

milestonepod account …
Translated with www.DeepL(free version)”
Let’s see, what they reply.

I want my Milestonepod data!
I have been trying and the server does not work.
Zwift if making many people angry!

As a long time milestonepod user (and little/no zwifty usage), sad to see this apparently finally about to go. But must say though can’t be too unhappy with it running pretty flawlessy for another 1½ years since it got unsupported, allowing the hardware not becoming a piece of brick immediately atleast for many.

Less elegant though it finally being taken down with any notice, if this now really was about someone “knowingly pulling the plug”. Or if the unupdated app finally just broke and some maintenance was needed (that has been stated not going to be done). Which is also is as likely I guess, if I understand correct Zwift hasn’t made any statement about this yet (also less elegant).

Hope those affected can get their data loss sorted out

ตั้งแต่ server ใช้งานไม่ได้ ผมถอดทิ้งเลย

ตอนนี้ MILESTONE POD กลายเป็นแค่ พลาสติกของเด็กเล่นใส่ถ่านเพื่อเล่นเกมส์ของ swift แทบจะไม่มีค่าอะไรเลย
ข้อมูลที่เคยใช้งานมาหายหมด แอพ Milestone sport เข้าใช้งานไม่ได้ เอาข้อมูลที่ใช้งานมาเป็นแรมปี ออกก็ไม่ได้

ใครที่คิดจะซื้อเพื่อไว้อ่านข้อมูลวิเคราะห์การวิ่ง เลิกความคิดได้เลย ไม่มีแล้ว เหลือแค่เกมส์เด็กเล่น

Wow! Very sad to see the milestone pod app disappear. I can’t believe this is a decision that was made. With the growing number of avid runners, i know most love the data. I would actually pay for the old app, and i don’t pay for anything.

I’m thinking about going to Stryd

Did that already two months ago, great experience so far!

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Andrej posed above to say that the Milestonepod works with iSmoothrun on IOS and provides the additional metrics at the end of a run. Does anyone know of an alternative solution for Android device users or if someone with iSmoothrun could reach out to the developers to see if they could offer some advise on how we can collect these metrics from the pods. Alternatively does anyone know if they have any plans to release this app on Android?

If zwift would post the ble specs I would write my own Android app to get the data from the pod. I have an app that reads the real-time stride length, distance and cadence because it follows the standard run protocol but it doesn’t have all the data that the milestone pod collects.


It sounds like the ismoothrun app also collects these metrics after a run so they’re probably not broadcast in real-time. Unfortunately I don’t have an ios device or access to ismoothrun to confirm. Agree would great if Zwift could post the ble specs or if someone with ismoothrun could reach out to the developers to see if they could help us with the ble specs and develop something for Android. There is some code here someone looking to extract the running metrics from the Milestone pod not sure it it helps @William_Fasula I can’t post the full link but search dispod on github and you’ll find some code that had been worked on. Not sure how useful it is.

Did you mean this one? GitHub - an-erd/disPOD

I wish I were a programmer but it shouldn’t too difficult to code a script to download a pod’s data after a run (no phone/watch needed while running). The data is there, after all, so to just needs to be extracted; current apps only take speed, distance, cadence, etc. and not the more useful features such as impact and heel strike.

The next part would be to present that data in user-friendly format but that could be achieved in Excel or with a separate script.


Also disappointed with Zwift killing the Milestone servers. At least I can still use my Milestone Pod with my Garmin, but I can’t check the battery or re-calibrate it at all now. I’m not sure if the Zwift app even supports those functions – I suspect it doesn’t – but I’m not keeping a 2GB app on my phone just for that. Can anyone recommend another affordable running pod that works with Garmin smartwatches?

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The pod work with wahoo on Android as live pod, but no special data (I don’t need them). Don’t know if this has been mentioned here already. You can use wahoo without user account.

Has anyone app so I don’t have to run with my phone with ISmoothRun?

Would it be better, if you guys try to find a way to integrate milestonepod data to zwift run…


U can connect the pod directly to your applewatch, so u don’t need your phone…
Give it a try!

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Zwift: buys another company
Employee 1: opens box, looks inside
Employee 1: “WTH- there’s a bunch of customers in here”
Employee 2: “gross, those don’t look like the kind that pay a monthly subscription to go running”
Employee 3: “it looks like they’re being attracted by the advanced metrics”
Employee 2: “i got this”
Employee 2: flips server switch

I’m a subscriber who’s enthusiastic about cycling on Zwift. It does, however, feel like a premium price for a mid-grade product. I’ve been ok with this because I’ve wanted to see them grow and succeed. This episode takes a bite out of that goodwill. There is a degree of pettiness in taking up arms over a cheap piece of tech that most users have gotten more than their money’s worth out of… It is a response in kind; it seems utterly implausible that providing an offline/sunset edition of the app would be more than a short side project for whoever had been working on it previously. There’s a disproportionate satisfaction some of us feel when we stumble across the rare item that has good design, execution, and value. If someone is getting a surplus of value from an item, the principle of loss aversion tells us they will feel subsequent deprivation even more keenly.

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the milestone pod was such a great device for keep track of how many miles you put on a shoes. also had all the great run metrics. it a shame that companies like zswift exist