Mileage on status bar shows different then ride summary

Finished a quick ride this morning, while riding the status bar showed i went 7.1 miles. When i finished and got the ride summary it shows i only went 6.6 miles.

Maybe related i have noticed the XP points are hitting at random mileage and not on the whole mile marker. (not actual numbers, i didn’t note it this time, but for example it will pop up at 2.2, 3.4, 4.5)

My guess is that you are running on iOS or AppleTV and you are not on the latest version of Zwift that has resolved this issue.

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I am running it on IOS on Ipad. I am not sure about the latest version of Zwift i will double check that tonight, but i was upgraded for the Movember challenge.

Alright i did have update to do in Zwift (was logged out of itunes account so it didn’t auto update) I did not get a chance to ride this morning but will get one in later today and update, but it looks like this may be the issue.

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