Mileage goal achieved but wrong on app and online

I had set a 250 mile goal for October and cycled 270 miles on zwift in the month.

The achievement banner came up during my final ride today but now the companion app and zwift . com are showing that I’ve only cycled 84.3miles (only cycled 21.5 today) with only one day of the monthly mileage goal left.

Has this happened to anyone else and is there a fix?

Any chance you are signed into the game on two different devices? That’s the most common reason people lose miles, achievements, levels, XP, drops, etc.

No, logged into my usual device and all other data is there.

The weird thing was that the goal was achieved during my last ride and I checked when I had finished and that’s when I noticed the discrepancy.


You may be able to get it fixed by contacting support. You have to run through a chat bot gantlet but if you persevere you can get there.

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