Monthly Goal Calculation Incorrect

The monthly goal calculation is not accurate. I have been using zwift for less than a month, and have ridden 61 miles, but in my monthly goal it shows I’ve ridden 38.7 / 50 miles. Yesterday, the goal correctly showed that I had completed it, but today (1/31/22), it shows the milage as less.
Screen Shot 2022-01-31 at 9.23.50 AM

Hi @Ellen_Cooper

Sorry to hear that your goal didn’t update properly. As far as I know, the most common reason why a goal progress won’t update is if the ride didn’t save properly. That usually happens if the internet (e.g. WiFi) connection drops out whilst saving your Zwift activity or if the app crashes unexpectedly. I’m not sure if either of those things happened to you, but if so, it might explain it.

If you’d like one of our tech support agents to take a closer look at your account, we can do so, but you’ll want to send us a support request here.


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I asked this earlier this morning and here is the response:

“It normally does that on the last day of the month. I think it gets a bit confused.”

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If that’s the case, Sven, that sounds a bit buggy. I’ll flag this up to the team and see if it’s a known issue or not. Thanks!

Just wanted to check in with you @Ellen_Cooper and let you know that I confirmed with the team that this is a known issue/bug. While there’s not currently a work around, our team is aware of the issue and they’re working on it. Thanks!

Gotcha, thanks for the quick follow up!

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