Monthly Distance Goal wrong in Companion App and


Says 449.5 completed in Companion App (Android) and and says there are 2 days left in the month. Feels like a leap year issue , but saw below



Hi there!
I have the same problem each last day of month
I have a goal to ride 700 per month and spend 30 hours cycling per month
This month in the morning December 31 2021 a have done 683 km and spend 31 hour cycling
This results I’ve seen before start of training.
When I’ve finished, goal result is 230,5 km and 10,4 hours
How I can avoid this error?
Thanks in advance
With the best regards and Happy New Year
Oleksandr Mitchenko
Kiev, Ukraine

P.S. Of course there is a simple way to avoid this problem - don’t ride at the last day of month! ))))

Luke A wrote me the answer and ask when the bug occurs. This error occurs each last day of month. I am using the month goals, and have nothing to say about weekly goals.

Luke A answer appears in a small modal window, which does not allow to wrote answers, so I am responding right here

Best regards and Happy New Year
O. Mitchenko