Metal Shavings coming out of Zwift Hub One

I’ve received my Zwift Hub One a couple days ago and after going through setup and some of the introductory sessions now my unit does not work. Turning the cog does not move the flywheel and upon inspection there are some metal shavings that came from my unit.

See the attached video for visual aid- com/watch?v=lQy1JDXC9ek

I have started the warranty process for this since I assume it should work like it would as if it was a normal bike. This is my first time working with a bike trainer, neither of these things should be happening at all right? And is there anything that I should know while going through the warranty process to get a replacement unit?

Update: Seeing some others with similar problems with me where they were reporting issues with a week of receiving their unit. It seems like the pawls popped out after a couple of minutes which in turn ended up grinding the internal metal o-rings including the trainer body. Luckily they are replacing my entire unit as a result.

But it wasn’t without hassle as it took me a while with support to get a response back and they are still using standard shipping on a product that takes a week to deliver! So now I don’t get a working unit (hopefully) over 4 weeks out of placing my initial order and all this time watching my Zwift subscription burning out since they constantly spammed me requesting to activate it before receiving the unit so I did that just to stop getting emails everyday. They really need to have a ready-to-ship by date/time option for the Zwift Hub or used the express shipping with UPS for my replacement unit so that it doesn’t take this long on top of the regular warranty period which for me seemed like it was a week long endeavor.


I got exactly the same two small little links come out from mine too and it just span, they did swap out and this one seems to work. Must be a common fault

these are the freehub pawls. they are the bits that engage when you pedal and then are pushed down when you freewheel allowing the flywheel to spin when you aren’t pedalling.

if these have come off they won’t engage when pedalling and this is why your cog is spinning in both directions.

should be fixed with a new freehub.

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I believe this issue is mostly down to Zwifts decision to use cheap unbranded freehubs. It was the first thing I noticed on my hub. It’s a shame customers are not able to buy or be informed of compatible wear and tear parts for zwift’s own equipment. It would save Zwift quite a bit in shipping alone. I also wonder how this policy will impact owners once they are outside of their warranties.

Got a broken pawl out of the box. Does somebody know which brand they are or whit which brand pawl I can replace them?