Hub One shows metal shavings behind the freewheel teeth


My Hub One shows metal shavings behind the freewheel teeth.

today i wanted to start a sprint and was in 23rd gear to shift into 24th gear, fortunately with a very low cadence at around 1000 watts. but suddenly i stepped into the void.

the belt pulley stopped turning even though i was pedaling.

I then took my bike out of the holder.

The sprocket turned freely in both directions.

I then removed the sprocket.

The sprocket is undamaged.

I was then able to turn the freewheel freely in both directions.

I removed the freewheel.

The freewheel is undamaged.

I then looked at the ring gear where the freewheel engages.

It can be turned freely in both directions.

I can also see metal dust and shavings coming out around the toothed wheel.

Can I repair this myself?

Is this covered by the warranty? I bought the Hub One in October 23 and have only ridden it for 7 days (5,163.4km and 74km uphill)

Many thanks for your help.

You’re not the first to experience this. You should ask for warranty support.

Also we have heard from people who got some of that grinding by not using the thru-axle adapters when they should have. Hopefully that’s not what happened to you but either way contact support.

Adapter for 135mm QR was correct installed since the beginning of use.

I am in touch with a zwift support guy now.

i hope they can fix the problem fast.

The Guy in your link had broken paws. My Freehub is fine, excellent working paws. But the engaging ring embeded in the Flywheel is rattled out.