Warped belt driven wheel

Good day All,
My newly purchased Zwift Hub One trainer seems to have a possible fault. It seems that the belt driven wheel next to the Cog is warped. It is very noticeable when the wheel is spinning. It is my first direct mount trainer so I don’t know if the trainer is running as quiet as it could be. I am also concerned this may cause premature wear and tear on the trainer. Any assistance with this fault would be welcome.
I tried to use the Zwift online chat but it doesn’t seem to work.

Persist with the online chat until it lets you open a support request. You can get there if you keep at it.

for shits and giggles I just went to zwift support and engaged with the chat bot. I typed “zwift hub not working” and started down the path… had to hit “no this didn’t answer my question” a few times, then after just a few more no’s and selecting that I want to return a purchase it finally let me email support. Probably took less than a minute.

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Thank you for the reply. I managed to make contact with the support team. They are attending to the fault. Thank you again