Meet up leader update to chat

Hi all, I have set up a few rides via the “Meet up” as I’m the leader, however I’m not able to chat, I can see the messages from others but when I write something nothing shows and others can’t see it, it’s very annoying as ride leader.

I’m on the latest update and use the IPad and IPhone for meetings, I’ve used both the main screen (iPad/iPhone) both not working and also the Companion app, all without joy.

Help please.

Help please.

Can anyone see this thread

Hi @Corley_Cycles_RC, I haven’t experienced what you are explaining. Is this happening every time you are in a meetup or was it a one time occurrence?

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Yes, I’m riding now as leader and can’t message the group, I have to get one of the other rides to pass on my messages, really frustrating :rage::rage:

do you have group chat hidden or turned off in your settings?

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Yes all correct, I want to attach a pic but I can’t :see_no_evil::see_no_evil:

Yes you do have group chat hidden? If so, try enabling it and see if that works.

What strange is that if I use my personal acc, then it works, I give up.

No not hidden, all enables (as far as I can see)

I’m not following you here, how are you on Zwift if you aren’t using your own account?

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I use the “Shop Account - Corley Cycles” and I have a Personal Acc (my own name), we are talking about the “Shop” Acc

Thanks for the clarification, is the shop account limited somehow or is it a normal paid subscription? What age is the shop account set up as, I’m wondering if it is set up like a free child account if that is why it isn’t working. It might be part of the child security settings, they are very strict.

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Corley Cycles RC appears to have an age of 69, so I’m thinking NOT a child account.

I noted in the original post that you are using iOS devices for Zwift and Companion. Do you ‘force quit’ both Zwift and Companion before starting each ride (as well as after, just to be safe)? I have found that if the apps don’t go through the ‘force quit’ process the chat often does not operate properly (and Ride Ons generally don’t work properly, either).


?? Yes it’s set up correctly with dates etc.

I have raised a case with Zwift, so will find out what they say.

Have you tested the Shop account on another network, or your account on the shop network.

@Nigel_Tufnel, thanks TBH, No, I’ve NOT forced shut, I will try that for starters.

I’ll keep you posted.