Maximum efforts in ERG mode

I realize 12wk winter plan. There is plenty of 8-sec neuromuscular intervals.

I ride Tacx Neo.

Entering into the interval causes stopping my legs if I’m not on lightest gearing (39x32). If on lightest gearing, my cadence drops to 20-25, I’m too weak to spin faster. “Pumping up” with so low cadence might be dangerous for my knees!

I’m pretty sure, that I’m able to generate more than 400-600W for such short period. Just my torque is too low (or dead spot kills everything).

ERG mode is disabled when power is lower than 100W (or something like that). Is it possible to add ‘minimal cadence’ for such cases as well?


Hi Jarek,

ERG mode shouldn’t care what gearing you’re in as the trainer will adjust its resistance to match. That’s the whole point of ERG mode (no cheating the required wattage).

Some trainers require you to spin up your cadence significantly to reach higher wattage beforehand while others ease you into it.

For example, the Wahoo KICKR gives you 5 seconds or so to speed up your cadence, slowly increasing resistance while the CompuTrainer hits you like a brick wall, requiring you to spin at 100+ RPM 2-3 seconds before that interval kicks in.