Low Wattage issues

Good Afternoon - I’m having problems achieving the low Watts on a warm up/cool down ride. I’m in workouts using ERG mode. I understand how this works, and that cadence needs to be kept the same. Works fine with anything over 100, keep cadence the same and Watts increase with the workout. If I keep the cadence the same it never drops below 100. The only way I can get it to do this is by lowering my cadence, but this isn’t how ERG mode works. Maybe below 90/100 is outside the boundaries of what my trainer can achieve. FTP is all set correct. I have the Tacx Flux trainer. Thanks

In ERG mode you shouldn’t need to change your cadence to change the watts. The whole point of ERG mode is that the power (watts) stays the same regardless of your cadence. You could do 100rpm and ERG mode would adjust the resistance to maintain your target power of XXX watts. If you drop the cadence to 80rpm, ERG mode would increase the resistance in order to maintain XXX watts.

Warm-up/cool-down… this portion of your workout is probably really low wattage. Without getting into detail, it might be below the wattage floor of the trainer depending on the gearing you are using. If you aren’t already doing so, use your small chainring and somewhere between the middle to the top of your cassette during the warm-up/cool-down. That may fix your issue.

Riding the workout in the small chainring and say middle of your cassette (straight chain line) will also be quieter. While watts are watts, there is a minor difference when riding ERG in big vs small gearing (52-11 vs 36-28) at the same watts. However, that is a different discussion.

Agree. It’s almost certainly a wattage floor issue.

Thanks for the replies, I thought this was probably the case. I’ll try changing the chain ring for the warm up/cool down.

Although ERG is a good thing it does not stop you form using your gears to get in the correct Zone.