ERG power not adapting to cadence


I have a tacx smart flow trainer, and while in ERG mode when i spin to get to the target cadence (e.g. 90rpm) the power also increase but then does not adapt by going down to match the rpms.

So I find myself doing 150w while it asks to do 90w at 90 rpm.

If I deactivate and reactivate the ERG it starts working, but only until the next exercise where the watts and rpm change. I adapt the rpm but the resistance doesn work.

I’m using the tacx trainer for cadence, trainer and power.

Any hints?

Thank you!

Test it using the Tacx app in ERG mode. If you get the same result, contact Garmin.

Are you perhaps trying to use ERG mode while using the big chainring?

On my hybrid, I use the middle of three chainrings, when using my road bike in the past I used the smallest of two rings when doing ERG workouts.

Usually in combination with middle cassette sprocket.