Difficulty to stay at low wattage

Hi all,

I use a Tacx Flow Smart with a cheap MTB (28 gears) and during workouts at the warm up or recovery phase, it’s almost impossible for me to keep a low wattage (70 or something).

If I want to produce 65 or 70 watts I’d have to pedal at 25-30 rpm, maybe less. If I’m at 64-70 rpm the wattage will be the double of what it should be.

In another hand, I have no problem to get 150-180 watts at 80rpm during the workout itself.

Is it normal? Is it because during warm up the ERG mode is off and I have to shift? Am I doing something wrong?

ERG should be on for whole workout including warmups. You should never have to change gear to hit target watts as ERG will adjust your resistance appropriate to your cadence.

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Depen6on your trainer, sometimes you will need to change gears to stay in the trainers functional range

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