Workout guideline at least 5s before the section start

I was riding a predefined training program:‘FTP Builder - Strength’ (ERG mode on), which have many 10s intervals and there comes some hint or advice right before the interval is starting: something like ‘use bigger gear and low cadence’. I have seen the same problem in all programs, but during this short interval it was impossible to follow the advice. I was just prepared to pedall very high cadense before i got the message. Then I slow down the pedalling and thus the interval Failed - ERG mode is not fast enought to react for different cadence in short interval.

Such messages should be informed at least 5s before the interval is starting. Much better would be if you could see the cadence quideline in the workout section list.


I’ve had this message as well on FTP Builder. I thought having ERG enabled meant no changing of gears was necessary?

That’s right, but I’m not sure does it depend on the trainer when doing high power intervals. There is some maximum resistance which depend on the trainer used