ERG mode and Cadence

Since the update there now seems to be and issue with power and cadence in ERG mode. I use power 2 max for power and cadence and Tacx vortex to give resistance. Now it seems that as soon as you go above the suggested cadence you can’t get any more power. So you have to drop your cadence, then your power drops and you can never get to your target power for an interval, short sprints are now impossible to do usefully. Even if you do get about the right cadence, the power target seems so wide that you can be 10% below target power and it thinks its all ok and you can’t get up to target power!

I can’t believe its a set up issue as i never used to have the problem.

have the alogrithms for ERG been changed?

Does it happen all the time? Regardless to the gearing?

Vortex doesn’t give too much resistance. It simply is not able to give requested load, your wheel speed is too slow. Change gearing to, let say, 53x15 and it should work ok.

But higher cadences… Is ERG mode driven by Zwift or by trainer (or somehew “in between”)? Check settings in Tacx tool, it would give the answer.