What’s wrong with my ERG mode?

Hi there, I’m a bit stumped.
I’ve been using Zwift for some time with my Tacx vortex turbo trainer. I mainly do training with ERG turned on. everything worked fine for ages.
The last few times when I’ve done a training plan my cadence directly reflects my wattage.
So if my target wattage is 70, I have to spin at 50rpm. If I spin at 80rpm then the watts stay at 120 and the watts indicator flashes for me to reduce power. ERG doesn’t compensate.
It’s like cycling a single speed bike and the max watts I can possibly spin up to is around 200.

I use an iPad connected with Bluetooth.
And I’ve been pairing the cadence sensor from the turbo trainer in case the issue was with the wahoo sensor I usually use.
I tried to re-calibrate the trainer In the Tacx utility app but each time it says that calibration failed.
Does anyone have any ideas?
Thanks a lot, it’s a rotten time for this to happen as we’re all obviously going to be stuck at home more.

Hi @Kit_Bolton

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have you tried to update the Tacx vortex?

This may be helpful.



Hi Gerrie,
The Tacx is fully updated. So that’s not the issue

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Ok, so the problem with the Tacx T Trainer is sorted, I changed the tyre on the wheel to a skinnier one and then I was able to calibrate so the turbo trainer is set up perfectly.

ERG still not working though.

Did you manage to sort this? My vortex is doing exactly the same thing. Firmware up to date. Properly calibrated.
In erg when I hit required cadence if my power is high the vortex doesn’t lower resistance
Hopefully it’s not time for the bin

Hi Jim,
No I was never able to solve the issue so I had to get rid of the vortex.

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Thanks. I’ve managed to get it to work better by using small chainring but guessing it’s on is way out.